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Solid, ecological gear that is doing its bit for both the earth and you. Short chain manufactured sportswear for the angler in all of us. Born out of Connecticut, worn out in the world. 











 Avon Anglers is rooted in the ethos of sourcing and creating goods that keep the future of the planet in mind.  We pay close attention to the entire production and supply chain: fair labor practices, carbon and chemical emissions, recycled and renewable raw materials. 65% of the cotton in our t-shirts comes from sustainably grown, ethically-harvested U.S. cotton farms irrigated using only rainwater. 




RE-WEAR is a tightly edited collection of companion vintage gear and is the most sustainable form of clothing, as it already exists.
These are small first steps we’re taking, but they’re the path to bigger things. We’ll be keeping you updated as our plans develop, continuing to bring you more innovative and exciting ways with a conscious approach to connect with nature.
Drop us a line: info@avonanglers.org 
Get us on the line: 860-264-5632