Model wearing Avon Anglers with his back to the camera looks out into the ocean wearing a sand colored long sleeve t-shirt with a Jacob Foppens Van Es print on the back of it.  He also wears a bucket hat and shorts
Model Nico Brown wearing Avon Anglers, Navy bucket hat and Avon Anglers x Foppens long sleeve t-shirt at the beach
Avon anglers t-shirt size guide


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The depiction of fish in Baroque still life is often considered a symbol of the origin of life, in accordance with the traditional cosmogonic concepts of most peoples of the Earth: life originated from water and, therefore, is associated with the process of fertilization... Whoa

Hunter green ink on sand cotton long sleeve t-shirt. Jacob Foppens Van Es x Avon Anglers on sleeves, chest print with title of the painting, artwork on the back.

-100% Cotton

-Machine Wash Cold, inside out